Berndorf Band acquires assets for the laminate belt industry from Sandvik Surface Solutions

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of assets from Sandvik for the laminate belt industry by BERNDORF BAND. The required approval of the respective authorities has now been granted.

Sandvik Process Systems as parent company to SSS has decided to exit this business due to lack of sustainable profit and is closing down all relevant production facilities in Ennepetal, Germany.

BERNDORF BAND has decided to acquire the respective belt production assets and technologies.

Key facts you need to know about this deal:

  • BERNDORF BAND is strongly committed to develop further and invest in the continuous belt technology for the benefit of its customers in the wood and laminate industry. We have already invested in our production capacities and will continue to do so in the future
  • As a reliable partner to our customers, security of supply is of utmost importance for us. The deal provides the basis for this needed short- and long term stability
  • The newly acquired assets complement our existing portfolio perfectly and widen the product range we offer to our clients

We have compiled some Q&A for the most relevant topics, which you find below.

If you have any further questions and concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,
Herbert Schweiger



Questions & Answers

Why this deal?

From a Sandvik Process Systems business perspective it was necessary to exit the laminate business (Sandvik Surface Solutions – SSS) because profitability was not sufficient. For BERNDORF BAND it is the opportunity to widen the product portfolio and strengthen the innovation power to the benefit of its customers.


What about the press plate business?

The press plate business from SSS is taken over by HUECK-Rheinische.


How and when will the transition affect daily business operations?

As of June 1st 2016 BERNDORF BAND takes over the relevant business operations from SSS. SSS will close down production by end of September / 2016 and will accept orders as long as they can be processed in this remaining time period.


I have an existing open order at Sandvik, what does this mean to me?

This order is processed and delivered via SSS. Warranties and guarantees maintain with SSS.


How about obligations from existing contracts on belts already delivered?

All obligations from existing contracts remain with SSS.


I want to place an order in the near future. What are the options?

Orders placed at BERNDORF BAND will be processed under BERNDORF BAND terms and conditions. For orders placed at SSS (if capacity allows – see above) the terms and conditions of SSS will apply. BERNDORF BAND is not able to take over any warranties and guarantees for SSS.


What are the effects on short-term supply and delivery times?

There are no effects at BERNDORF BAND. Stocks for regular demand have been planned accordingly.


What does this mean for belt refurbishment?

Belt refurbishment is and will be a core competence of BERNDORF BAND. BERNDORF BAND will take over all relevant refurbishing technologies to serve the full variance of refurbishment services to the market.


How do you guarantee the security of supply?

Security of supply is of utmost importance to BERNDORF BAND. Therefore, BERNDORF BAND takes over all relevant technologies and production assets. BERNDORF BAND caters the full variance of special textures and is committed to innovation in this field.


What does this mean for the strategic development of continuous laminate production?

BERNDORF BAND is strongly committed to the further development of this technology in order to utilize its potential for the wood and laminate industry – technologically and economically. This commitment is backed by considerable investment over the last years in our respective production facilities. Capacities are sufficient and will be further expanded.


Where can I get further information?

Please ask your local representative or contact person at BERNDORF BAND.

Berndorf Band acquires assets for the laminate belt industry from Sandvik Surface Solutions